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Classroom management: the use of time-out in schools

In this week’s blog I am going to expand on the topic of classroom management that I introduced in my first blog. I have previously discussed classroom management and the fact that the education system is currently using positive and … Continue reading

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Are happy students successful students?

I am sure we have all been there! You have a rubbish day so you have no motivation to work and mope around the house in your pyjamas watching endless episodes of Jeremy Kyle to remind yourself that life is … Continue reading

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Mixed Ability Classes: A ‘Curse’ for Pupils?

My experience in education, as detailed in my previous blog, has been somewhat colourful and has involved being educated in both state and private schools. Each had their benefits and drawbacks, with one notable difference being mixed ability classes. Due … Continue reading

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How do we change the current education system in which good behaviour is punished and bad behaviour rewarded?

When embarking on this science of education module, I immediately knew that my first blog would have to be a topic that I am passionate about. Often issues that are of significant interest to people are ones that they have … Continue reading

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