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Blog 7: Reinforcement and Punishment in Higher Education

In previous blogs, I introduced the notion of reinforcement and punishment as strategies for effective classroom management. Taking the current literature in the area and the comments of others on board, I concluded that teachers should endeavour to use reinforcement … Continue reading

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Blog 6: Classroom management: the use of detentions in schools

Over the last few weeks, I have been blogging about the effects that reinforcement and punishment can have on a child’s behaviour, wellbeing, and learning in school. In week 4, I focussed on the use of time-out in schools due … Continue reading

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Blog 5: Classroom management: Bullying in schools

This week’s blog is going to follow on from my previous blogs about the reinforcement and punishment that pupils are given in schools for both good and bad behaviour. I have previously discussed the use of positive reinforcement for good … Continue reading

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